Admiring the beauty of Hanoi in autumn

Autumn is always the most special season in Hanoi. Autumn in Hanoi attracts both Hanoi residents and tourists by its charming and outstanding beauty of golden leaves, glorious sunshine, some chilly breezes in warm weather, etc.

Golden leaves

Autumn in Hanoi is quiet short which start from the middle September to the end of November. The yellow sunlight pours onto every corner of the streets; the fallen leaves cover the sidewalks like a golden carpet; the temperature is warm in daylight and little cold at night; beautiful sunset; sweet scent of blackboard trees.

Those things make Hanoi more romantic and poetic. Let’s admire amazing pictures about Hanoi’s autumn to feel another attraction of Vietnam’s capital.

Blossoms of blackboard trees is another beautiful feature of autumn in Hanoi

Flower vendors are one of the most impressive and distinctive feature of Hanoi