One of a kind coffee in the world: egg coffee

Vietnam is famous for special filer coffee and also one of the important coffee exporters in the world. However, the most unique coffee that only has in Hanoi is egg coffee. 

Egg coffee was created by a coffee maker in Hanoi in the early 20s. People called him Mr. Giang. He owns a coffee shop in Nguyen Huu Huan Street. He made this special coffee from coffee, egg and milk.

The process to make egg coffee is not very difficult, but not everyone can blend coffee, egg and milk to become a delicious and tasty and fragrant. The egg will be separated the yolk and scrambled really hard to remove the stinky smell of raw egg. The black coffee will be made by traditional way (using filter), then put some condensed milk into the cup of coffee and finally pour the egg onto it. The recipe is not complicated but it requires the balanced rates among coffee, milk and egg.

The egg coffee must be drunk when it is still hot, right after it is made. In the cold weather of Hanoi, holding a hot of egg coffee on your hand and feel the warm, sweet and bitter and impressive taste of the egg coffee, it is incredibly memorable and amazing moments in your trip. 

You can find interesting drink in Coffee Giang (Pham Huu Huan Street, Yen Phu Street), Coffee Dinh (Dinh Tien Hoang Street), Coffee Pho Co. The price is really cheap.