Phu Quoc – one of the most attractive destinations for winter

The reputed magazine National Geography listed Phu Quoc as one of best 15 places for traveling in winter. The list also include detailed guides about time, how to travel, ideal accommodation, interesting activities, great foods, best preparation before traveling, etc. 

According to the magazine, Phu Quoc has the best beaches in Vietnam. Especially, what impress tourists when visiting Phu Quoc are blue warm water, smooth white sand stretches and pristine mountainous landscapes. The magazine suggested the best time to travel Phu Quoc is between December and March with the average temperature of 25-27°C. Besides, tourists can enjoy the seafood taken by local fisherman under the moonlight at Dinh Cau market.

National Geography dubbed Phu Quoc “the capital of fish sauce” of Vietnam. The amazing fish sauce made in Phu Quoc has great quality and safe hygiene based on Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Phu Quoc is an amazing islands located in the South of Vietnam, in the Gulf of Thailand. The island is featured with beautiful beaches, islands, stunning seascapes as well as diverse ecosystem and charming and imposing natural sceneries. Phu Quoc are also highlighted with interesting tourism services and activities, modern and convenient resorts, hotels as well as rich cultural and historical values.