Visiting the vivid sunflower field in Nghe An in this winter

Nghe An is a historical province located in the north center of Vietnam. It is famous for the hometown of Ho Chi Minh President and other beautiful landscapes such as Cua Lo Beach, Pu Mat National Park, etc. Recently, there is a super stunning sunflower area in Nghia Dan District, which attracts a huge attention from tourists.

People usually know beautiful sunflower fields in Japan, Italy or France. But now another amazing sunflower fields is also growth in 19/5 farm in Nghia Son commune, Nghia Dan district, about 100km from Vinh city and 200 km from Hanoi. It is pretty special when this sunny flower rises on Vietnam’s land.

Sunflowers in Nghia Dan start to bloom in the end of November and last 2 or 3 weeks before they wither.

Brilliant golden flowers cover the large area, surrounded by green hills, making a picturesque natural scene.

Visiting this wonderful sunflower field, you also have chance to visit other charming natural sceneries of Nghia Dan district as well as the extremely large cow farm.