Visa Six Months And One Year

VietNam Visa on arrival is easy and fast to make. Customers just simply visit the website then fill out their information andpay for that. The company will send customers a visa on arrival letter stamped at Viet Nam international airport after two working days.

Viet Nam Visa with some popular kinds: Visa of once a month or many times and visa of one time for three months or more times. Visa which is being used popularly is once a month visa. 

It is simple for immigration department to issue visa of six months or one year before but the current process of making visa of six months or one year is very difficult. It is only applied for some of certain nations and attached with some conditions . We will present the visa process of six months and one year, its time and conditions for making as follows: 

Visa on arrival of six months - visa stamped at Vietnam international airports:

Conditions for making visa on arrival of six months are only applies to United States only.

Noted Issuess:
- Sending an expected date of arrival to Viet Nam airport that customers will make immigration procedures, scan your pasport then email us, we finally check and respond to customers if we can make visa of six months or not..
- Time for making is 3-5 work days.
- The cost of the visa is $ 160 for one person. This cost may change from time to time.
- Cost of visa stamped at the airport $ 95/pax, this costs will be paid for the security personnel at the airport. 

The procedures and documents required to prepare for entry at the airport:
1. To print out the visa approval letter sent by the company.
2. Preparing for two original passports with photo of size 4x6.
3. Visa stamping fee at the airport (depending on the type of visa that clients made. Customers can see more here).
4. Preparing for two paperworks of enter and exit statement (One for entry and one for exit).